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    Viking Ship Gives Australian Officials a Scare

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    by Geo Beats

    Viking Ship Gives Australian Officials a Scare - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    Police receive bizarre calls on a daily basis.

    But one recent report left Australian officers a little baffled as they hunted for a Viking ship that was cruising around Elcho Island. Residents had spotted a suspicious boat and many thought the passengers were illegal immigrants or asylum seekers.

    The nervous officials descended on the 15 meter wooden boat in the early morning hours, but the frantic reports seemed to be a false alarm. A Watch Commander stated “With swords drawn, it was established the Viking vessel was a replica, crewed by six Russians who had sailed from Europe.”

    The crew members are taking the boat to a museum in Sydney, and after showing their passports and paperwork to officials, they posed for a few photos, leading to a happy and harmless ending.

    The Vikings were skilled at shipbuilding, navigation and fighting, which helped them to conquer vast stretches of land.

    And their legendary ships played an integral part in European history.