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    There's a LEGO Bridge in Germany

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    There's a LEGO Bridge in Germany - as part of the travel series by GeoBeats.

    Building a Lego bridge may not seem too difficult.

    Millions of kids do it all the time, but Germany is home to a real-life Lego overpass. The underside of the bridge mimics giant, colorful Lego blocks.

    Covering 250 square meters, the area is carefully painted red, yellow, green and blue. The painted blocks even include the circular connectors, making no detail left out.

    The project, led by a German street artist took a total of four weeks to complete. The bridge is part of a former train passing that has since been converted into a walking and cycling path.

    Last year, another Lego-like structure made a debut. Many referred to it as a church, but it was actually a public cathedral made from Legioblocks, stackable concrete elements resembling Lego blocks. The 65-foot tall building was made for the Grenswerk Festival in the Netherlands.

    Which is your favorite LEGO structure?