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    Chicks In Hats Are Adorable!

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    Chicks In Hats Make Adorable Cards - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    Ever wondered what dressed up baby chicks look like?

    An incredibly creative woman, Julie Persons has an Etsy page selling note cards and magnets of adorable chicks decked out in unique hats, capes and old fashioned scarves.

    Photographer and mastermind behind the adorable pictures, she states “Chicks in Hats is a project started in 2011 by my 8 year old daughter and myself. She places the hats on the chicks and I take the photos; this is as fun as you can imagine.”

    Persons is from Maine and owns a farm where the baby chicks reside.

    No clothing or additional accessories are needed to make these babies absolutely adorable.

    One photo depicts a wedding scene with two baby chicks, one in a top hat, and the other a pink bridal veil. The images are an absolute delight but no word yet on how Persons gets the chirpy chicks to stay still.

    What do you think about the chicks in hats?