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    Overson L112 is how patriotism explains the Bible


    by Mikeoverson

    This is 15 minutes of my patriotic videos L109 & L104, I know it's redundant but I keep get better at condensing and assimilating this information which never fails to amaze me at the new insights I find. This time it became clear to me that the Bible can best be explained through patriotism and how heaven can communicate to US through patriotism and the Greatest Generation. This class can also be called 186E because I made it as a compliment to #186 and the patriotic videos 186A & B here at Vimeo and Daily Motion.
    This paragraph is a list of my best patriotic classes at Vimeo, Viddler, or .info. Classes #186a & b were my first two made to explain #186 and are 15 minutes each. Class L109 is 1:37 hours and was made from L104 to better show the magic of patriotism. I condensed L109 into the 15 minute patriot class L112 and then made the first 24 minutes of L113 to go with L112 because they both are my best and shortest explanations of Pearl Harbor, the start and end of WWII and how it so easily explains the main part of the book of Revelation in the Bible. Class 171 is a 13 minute lesson of how America needs to get the magic of patriotism back. Class 161 is about the movie The Pentagon Wars and how the good people from the US military in heaven can expose corruption in the US military on earth. Class L97 shows the difference in human rights and freedom in the USA verses in Europe. With ALL of these lessons you can completely miss the point and a lot of divine and/ or patriotic magic if you are not tolerant of a teacher and prophet (and “the one”) who is a disabled mess on welfare that just recently learned to use a computer.