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    How to use Passbook

    Pass Kit

    by Pass Kit

    This video shows you how to use Passbook in Apple's latest Operating system.

    We introduce the first 3 steps of the PassKit Pass Lifecycle Process.

    Step 1. Design and create the Pass using the Pass Designer:
    This is quick, easy and intuitive with the Pass Designer.
    You'll see exactly how the Pass will look in Passbook as you make your way through the design process.
    You can select a Pass Type, choose your colours, upload images and make the Pass perfect for you and your customers.
    Make sure you save the Pass.
    You'll then see a Pass Link, an Edit Pass Link and a QR Code you can use for distribution.

    Step 2. Distribute the Pass.
    Because it's a URL delivered from the PassKit server you can distribute this anyway you like.
    - You can send it in an email
    - You can have it appear on a webpage (perhaps following a ticket purchase online)
    - You can deliver it from within an app
    - Or you can even allow people to scan a QR Code.
    As an example you could 'print the QR code' in a newspaper ad or in a poster next to your cash register, and then people can get a Pass in Passbook even from 'print'. Much better than cutting out a coupon in the newspaper, hey?

    Basically you can distribute the Pass anyway you like as long as you can provide your customers/users with the URL link that they can access via the smartphone.

    3. Add to Device.
    This is the bit that your customers (users) will do.
    If you have designed a Pass with all static fields, your customers will be presented with the Pass straight away that can be added to Passbook.
    If you chose any dynamic fields (maybe like name, or preference, as is the case in this video) the user will be prompted for their information and then to click 'Create Pass' (with the option of providing a rescue email if they want the added security).

    They can then click 'Add' for it to be sent to Passbook

    If you are a consumer you may not be interested in Step 1 and 2 and just want to Add Passes (and not design or create) but hopefully this video gives you a feel for how easy it is to create Passbook Passes. If you want your favourite merchant to issue Passbook Passes, simply put them in touch with us at and we'd be delighted to get them started.

    Likewise, think about other things that you'd like to get out of your wallet and into Passbook. Give the Pass Designer a go - it's free and fun to use. Be creative and let us know what you think.