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    Offending Islam: What Are the Limits of Free Speech?



    Offending Islam: What Are the Limits of Free Speech?
    Australian Broadcasting Corporation - IQ Squared
    Is there a point where it's better that some things are not said? If so, who gets to choose what can and can't be expressed? Is the idea of Democracy based upon the notion of complete unhindered freedom of speech, and does this in fact favor those who have the education, ability and opportunity to voice their opinions?These were just some of arguments bandied about in this lively, thought-provoking and sometimes laugh-out-loud IQ Squared debate. An unlikely team gathered to argue the affirmative - the Reverend Peter Jensen, Lawyer, columnist and ABC Board Member Janet Albrechtsen, and Journalist David Marr.Opposing the motion was Director of the Australian Classification Board, Donald McDonald. Senior Lecturer of Law, Dr Fleur Johns and Barrister David Knoll.