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    ROA ( Rise Of Artificial ) - D-AIA (Official Video)HD

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    "A recently – set up Romanian band called Rise Of Artificial (ROA) has launched a song which is currently on heavy rotation on Romanian radios. The song, called Ne place (We like it) is the first of an album which will include 15 tracks.

    ROA is a musical project founded during the autumn of 2010, by two electronic music producers in Romania, Bogdan Popoiag (UNU’) and Cezar Stanciulescu (Junkyard). Satnciulescu is a former member of Suie Paparude band, about which has written here.

    In January 2011, the band intends to include two more members, responsible for the electronic elements of guitar sounds and live drums. The voice, the synthesizers, the acoustic drums and the electric guitar will therefore contribute as signature elements to the 100% Live concerts that are to follow. Up to any further changes, the ROA project shall perform/ function with two members, as DJ Gigs."
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