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    Green DIY Energy Solar |Best DIY Solar Panels and Wind Energy Kits and Plans

    Sveta Malinka

    by Sveta Malinka

    Best DIY Solar Panels
    Solar & Wind Energy. Alternative Energy Systems For Home Or Business .Do it Yourself Homemade Solar Panels and Wind Energy Applications

    Complete tutorials on DIY solar panels, wind turbines, and generating solar hot water using DIY solar cell materials and homemade wind turbine designs. Buy cheap solar cells or build your own homemade solar panels
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    PV allows you to produce electricity—
    without noise or air pollution—from
    a clean, renewable resource. A PV
    system never runs out of fuel, and it
    won't increase U.S. oil imports. Many
    PV system components are manufactured
    right here in the United States.
    These characteristics could make PV
    technology the U.S. energy source
    of choice for the 21st century.
    The basic building block of PV technology
    is the solar “cell.” Multiple
    PV cells are connected to form a PV
    “module,” the smallest PV component
    sold commercially. Modules
    range in power output from about
    10 watts to 300 watts. A PV system
    connected or “tied” to the utility
    grid has these components:
    • One or more PV modules, which
    are connected to an inverter
    • The inverter, which converts the
    system's direct-current (DC) electricity
    to alternating current (AC)
    • Batteries (optional) to provide
    energy storage or backup power
    in case of a power interruption
    or outage on the grid.
    AC electricity is compatible with
    the utility grid. It powers our lights,
    appliances, computers, and televisions.