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    Homemade Solar Energy |Solar DIY Hot Water heater

    Sveta Malinka

    by Sveta Malinka

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    Best DIY Solar Panels

    DIY Hot Water Heater design.
    There are many uses for solar thermal, here are some of the best:
     In floor heat. Many homes now use in floor pipes to heat the house. Solar thermal is perfect
    for this use.
     Hot water. Some folks who have cabins and remote cottages use the water to bath and cook
    with just like the water that comes out of a traditional hot water tank. Even regular homes can
    use solar hot water to supplement their water heating needs and reduce their gas consumption.
     Swimming Pools. Many folks use these systems to heat their swimming pool water. Often the
    same pump that circulates the pool water can be used and it can extend the season by weeks or
    even months. Some people even use the system to cool the water at night in hot climates

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