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    "The Woodies Round Up Show" presented by

    Yee-haw! Giddyup pardner's!
    With Your Family Entertainer, your kid's birthday party will surely be memorable for years to infinity and beyond! When this World Champion Cowboy & Comedian comes to your child's birthday with the likeness of Woody from Toy Stories, you & your favorite Deputy will Reach for the Sky with Applause!
    Yes, we're here to help get that birthday party wagon a-movin'! Guests are invited to come dressed as their favorite Toy Story Character. They could be Woody™, Jessie, Buzz™,
    Bo Peep, Speak and Spell, Mr or Mrs Potato Head.

    For the last 18 years Ty Cardacey has pursued a life in Variety Arts, Theater, & Slapstick style wild west acts including clown. He trained at NCSA & graduated from their Actor’s Training Program. He is a Nationally recognized comedian who has toured around US, UK, & Canada. He worked with one of the founders of Cirque du Soleil & from '09 - '11 he was in Montreal studying & training at Omnibus Mime School, La Cazerne, & studying under former Cirque du Soleil clowns at L’ Ecole du Comedia et Clown Francine Cote were he created a new clown character Cupido in the show Discozerne’ as part of Cirque Cazerne. He has studied improvisation with the founder of the Dell Arte’ International School of Physical Theater Carlo Mazzoni Clementi, The founder of the Celebration Mime Theatre Tony Montanaro, at The People’s Improv Theatre in NYC.

    Ty was named Best Comic Cowboy at the '04 International Wild West Arts Convention in Las Vegas. Cardacey received this prestigious award from the Will Rogers Memorial Association a second time in '05 for his portrayal of Will Rogers in an act from one of his shows, “How the West Was Spun”. He has entertained audiences with his Will Rogers Tribute show at numerous events including the National Cowboy Symposium’s Twentieth Anniversary in Texas & at the New York City International Fringe Theater Festival’s 10 Anniversary Off Broadway. He has also appeared on Broadway, on MTV, Nickelodeon Television, CNN, ITV, HBO, & Imus.
    Since touring New England as a Clown Juggle, Roustabout, & The Roberts Brothers 3 Ring Circus’s youngest independent entertainer 18 years ago, Ty garnered the prestigious Bronze Nose for Eccentric Dance with his lasso at the International Clown Olympics, at the Wild West Arts Club National Convention’s ranked fastest & most accurate with whips in 2000 & Spun the 2nd largest lasso in the world for '07’s Competition, On Broadway opened for Brooks n Dunn & entertained with Lyle Lovett for the World Wildlife Federation in Central Park.
    Ty’s innovative work is a fusion of Comedy Variety Arts, Vaudeville, and Wild West theatrics creating a total theater experience for any audience in any show. In the last year, Cardacey has created three new distinct shows: A Very Cowboy Christmas (family Holiday cowboy variety show), Ty Stories (Toy Story Themed kids show), and The Capitano Show: All that & a Barrel of Laughs (a pirate themed comedy variety show).