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    Santa Clarita Realtor Question - How to hire a Santa Clarita Mortgage Broker

    Connor MacIvor

    by Connor MacIvor

    2 views Today's question comes from Julie - she wants to know how to hire a Lender when wanting to obtain a loan on real estate. There are several ways in which to do this, but a good first start is to seek out a local real estate agent so they can run the interference with the lender. Also, they may have great resources for local Santa Clarita lenders - just make sure they are on your side in case the lender goes awry. No matter what the relationship between them and their lender, the one they are referring you to - it should be very apparent they are going to be your advocate and if things go sideways with the lender they referred you to - they will make it right and move you to another and better lending professional. At the end of the day all we have as real estate agents is our very best personal reputation and the kudos our clients give about us to their friends, family and sphere of influences.