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    News and Updates for the Month of June


    by CrappyChannel

    Hey Guys, with May wrapping up in a couple of days and June fast approaching, its time for News and Updates for the month of June!

    Things we'll go over in this news and updates are...

    -Thanking everyone who participated in this year's Census:Getting to know you the collector video. It was a big success. If you still want to participate in the census you can do it via a text comment in that video or a video response, its not too late and you can post your response right up to next years Census 2011 video!

    -Getting a backlog of older videos I shot online finally

    -Introducing the "Question of the Month", want to get your question to be the Question of the Month? well send me a private message near the end of June with your question marking as "Question of the Month" I'll choose my favourite question and answer it during the news and updates for the month of July!

    -Recommended channels found on my homepage

    -The first News and Updates Great Debate Question is up now and that is...
    "What do you think of Collect and Connect or Build a figures from toylines? do you like the idea of it or not?" your opinion down below or make a video response to this video telling me what you think.

    The Subscriber of the month for June goes to
    you can find him by clicking the link below

    The Channel of the Month for June goes to

    I will be posting one of Mandalorian30's videos on my homepage for the first week of June, I encourage all you guys to check it out!