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    News and Updates for the month of July


    by CrappyChannel

    Alright Guys, I didn't get a chance to upload this on the day that it was shot but at any rate its time for News and Updates for the month of July!

    In this news and updates we'll be discussing, ironically the delays in some of my reviews getting uploaded and how the ol' PC has been giving me some problems (one of the reasons why this video took so long to get uploaded)

    We'll also be giving a couple of shout outs and talking about once again some older videos that I'll be trying to get up in the next little while.

    On the Spot 8 has been officially set for the first week of September, so if you have a question that you've been waiting to ask me, you'll finally be able to ask it the first week of September when On the Spot 8 happens!

    The Subscriber of the month goes to Casimusxprime!, you can check him out by clicking the link below

    The Channel of the Month for this month goes to Geekvolution!, if you have a chance do check out Geekvolution's videos and subscribe to him!

    ...and with that another month is over, thanks again for all your support guys and lets hope August is better than July