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    hardwood floor installation Toms River, NJ

    MY FLOORS ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! Steve, the owner of Mr Sandless of Ocean County personally came to inspect my floors after his crew was finished. My floors are beautiful, and I am very impressed with the professional courtesy of this company. Sue A., Toms River

    AMAZED AT THE OUTCOME!!! Well we had had it done February or March. I will say I was amazed at the outcome. Heavy traffic area, lots of wear and tear, 5 big parrots cages and 2 bully dogs in that room alone. They came in and clean, scraped and applied the secret formula. Total time about 4 hours a maybe don't walk on for 1 hour. I was amazed, Hubby was amazed. Looked great for the price. I will admit, I have not as yet applied the cleaner I bought, hope to try tomorrow We have had what seems 40 days of rain, dogs in and out. I was pleased and recommended to friends.