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    Sugar Kid Teaser HD


    par BULKYPIX

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    Help the sweetest hero of all times to save his life!

    Sugar Kid took hold of the Mr. Lemon’s throne in his own world! The evil mastermind now wishes to take his revenge and wants to see the sweet Sugar Kid collapse, sink into lemon juice and melt! He wants his throne back and for that purpose he has locked Sugar Kid in a water machine trying to melt him but you are here to help him survive.

    Use your reflexes and logic to draw a wall protection for Sugar Kid and try to resist the evil
    Mr. Lemon’s attacks. Protect the sweetest hero of all times and avoid being destroyed by soda, use a large range of items to power him up and assist him through more than 90 levels of fun.


    •Over 90 levels of fun.
    •3 game modes : Levels, Survival and Deadly Missions.
    •Cartoon game
    •Sweet graphics !
    •Bloody content
    •Humoristic game.