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    News and Updates for the Month of December!


    by TheReviewSpot

    Alright Guys, its the end of the month and with December now in full swing, its time for News and updates for the month of December.

    Things that will be discussed in this news and Updates are.

    For the time being the PO Box is getting removed from the Homepage, sorry guys, if you were looking to send anything to the Review Spot. The PO Box will be coming back down the road

    The Christmas Spot has been named, I want to thank everyone that submitted ideas but ultimately I ended up sticking with Christmas Spot of all things, yeah I know I went right back to where I started from but thank you for everyone that emailed me ideas!

    BTW much like with Halloween and the Spooky Spots, the Christmas Spots will be running all December, so stay tuned for that

    The Review Spot checks out yet another viewer letter that he received, thank you again for all the stuff you guys send me and thank you Caleb for the drawing!

    The Subscriber of the Month for December goes to

    And finally

    The Channel of the Month for December goes to...drum roll.......

    You can check out their videos and subscribe to them by clicking the link below

    Congratulations Toybreak and with that, that wraps up News and Updates for December, thanks for watching guys