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Illusion Through Expectation
by Alex Moffat
Alex Moffat reveals his most prized effects and takes you on a journey where he plays with your expectations. Remember it is always expectation that creates the illusion...
Guestimate - The Magician accurately predicts what number a randomly chosen card is positioned in the deck.
The Moffat Double - Fast and flashy. A superb barehanded production of two playing cards in the blink of an eye
Catch Me If You Can - Head down eyes closed. Get ready to catch a card as its fired out of the deck. Instant and memorable.
Double Hot Shot - Taking the Hot Shot Production to a brand new level.
Barely Watched - A playing card vanishes in your bare-hands and then instantly appears under your watch A beautiful sequence that will get incredible reactions
Mate - A card is freely selected from the deck. Right from the start in his hand the entire time and the magician is holding a matching card No forces and a completely free choice
Deal Or No Deal - From a shuffled deck the spectator deals to his freely named card then unsuspectingly knows exactly where its duplicate exists in the deck.
Mofusion - Possibly the best version of the fused signed card plot. The ultimate signature card routine.
Coin Punch - Alex invented this when he was just fifteen. He still uses it in his professional work... its that good
Sh4des of Dobson - A three phase coin Matrix routine inspired by Wayne Dobsons version made famous on his television series Its A Kind Of Magic.
Almo Wipe Clean - Inspired by David Williamsons The Wonderful Coin Vanish. The hands are shown empty front and back to then beautifully produce a coin.
Catch Us If You Can - Two chosen cards instantly fly up spinning from the deck landing in each hand. Attention grabbing magic at its best
Reboxed - A deck is removed from its case only to instantly vanish and reappear inside the card case which i