Aerial video: Norway shooting survivors in sea, search for bodies in Utoya

RT News Channel
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Video courtesy: TV2 Norge

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Footage aired by Norway's TV2 channel shows survivors of Friday's deadly attack on a Norwegian youth camp swimming away from Utoya island in an attempt to escape. Another video allegedly shows a 10-year-old boy rescued after hiding from the gunman in the cliffs. Meanwhile, the man facing 21 years in jail for carrying out the twin attack on Norway is due to make his first appearance in court to explain his actions. Prosecutors are set to ask for his trial to be closed to the public and media. 32 year old Anders Behring Breivik has admitted responsibility for a bomb attack in the capital, and a massacre at a youth camp. However he's denied any criminal guilt. 93 people reportedly lost their lives, but police say that number could be revised downwards.

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