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This giveaway features an unlocked 16GB white iPhone 5. The fact that the iPhone 5 is unlocked means that it can be used on any network worldwide (that supports the iPhone). Therefore this giveaway will be international, giving viewers from around the world a chance at winning a new iPhone 5!



Of course Key2buy.com. This site is one of the nicest business sites to deal with, honest, sincere and extremely very responsive! I am not a computer geek but can follow instructions and "Sara" (who works for this site) insures that her patience never wears thin. No matter how many questions you have or how many emails you send to them her demeanor remains stable and professional and makes the customer feel that she will spend as much time is needed to insure that they come to a satisfactory conclusion. I would strongly recommend Key2buy.com to anyone considering upgrading or purchasing a new key to deal with them because I don't think you could get better.
By Goutbailility January
thanks for chance, i want the iphone 5 badly, you know the 4 just skipped me..so please pick me? lol thanks
By Jeff Antill Sr. 2 years ago