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    Teacher sex scandal: Mary Gowans, Kelly Watson, Michelle McCutchan

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    Teacher sex scandal: here is the story of Mary Gowans, Kelly Watson and Michelle McCutchan.

    Mary Gowans, 42, is an eighth grade French teacher in Toronto. Her accuser alleges the affair began when he was 15 after he had taken two years of French with the teacher. The Toronto student claims they groped each other. He says knowledge of her breast implants and "landing strip" is evidence he is telling the truth.

    Gowans says the student made a pass at her, which she shot down. She says the student became obsessed with her. Phone records show the two exchanged more than 2,000 text messages.

    The accuser had babysitted for Gowans several times. Her defense alleges the boy performed babysitting duties in an effort to get close to his former teacher.

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    Kelly Watson, 34, is a special education teacher in San Diego, California. Kelly Watson met her alleged victim at a center for troubled boys but then transferred to another school.

    She kept in contact with one of her students and unlawful sex and oral copulation allegedly took place. That student is 17, so Watson faces charges of unlawful intercourse with a minor.

    Michelle McCutchan, 40, is a 5th grade teacher in Cecotah, Oklahoma. Michelle McCutchan met her 16-year-old lover via her teen daughter. She filmed her encounters.
    McCutchan also had sex with another 16-year-old boy.

    McCutchan was busted after one of the boys bragged about the encounters. A judge has sentenced McCutchan to a whopping 15 years in jail.