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    Office Ergonomics for the Massage Therapist - William Fee


    by MassageNerd

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    The All Star Education & Training Team

    As education trends to become more involved with technology, it has been the design of ours to integrate technology into an area where it has been lacking- in the education and development of students at massage therapy schools. For the last five years, we have been developing an all-encompassing, massage therapy school 'dream website' where the design and foremost thought was to have the worlds oldest form of healing meet the 21st first century. We hope we have hit that with our site, as it includes sections for learning with our E-book, reinforcement and understanding of learning with our Quiz Central section, and development and sharing of ideas, objectives and technique with our Articles section.

    In researching our final product, we have incorporated many things to assist learners in our E-book section. We have created a color-coded system for visual learners that follow through on every page in our e-book- all Origins in our website are red, whether in text or pictures; all Insertions in our website are blue, whether in text or pictures; and all Actions in our website are green. The consistency of using color in education has been shown to assist students in learning new material, and we have taken that idea one step further by incorporating this idea in all aspects of our site. Our E-book also provides for color coded pictures of muscles and attachment sites, the color coded text, video of the muscles' actions on each page, as well as the Agonist (assisting) and Antagonist (opposing) muscles.

    We also provide for students an opportunity to test their knowledge of what they have learned- we offer a Quiz Central section where students can take specifically designed and grouped multiple choice tests to assess their understanding of a section of muscles. Our color coding system is also included in our quizzes as well. In addition, member schools may subscribe to have our site host their own quizzes within our site, only accessible by students of that school. Member schools may also have their staff, administrators or instructors write articles for publication on our site, with content ranging from massage technique to instructional tips or ideas.

    It is the goal of All Star Education & Training to provide a quality online learning experience for all of our member schools and students, and we welcome your ideas and feedback to make this web site an even more excellent learning location.

    William Fee, President- William is a life long professional educator with Bachelor's degrees from Monmouth University (West Long Branch, NJ, class of 1990) in Elementary Education and History and holds teaching certificates for K-8 and Social Studies in the state of New Jersey. A 1995 graduate of the Somerset School of Massage Therapy, William also worked in the massage field and also in the massage education field at the Somerset School of Massage Therapy from 1999-2006, where he is the former Director of Admission at the school. William also holds a certificate as a licensed on-site trainer for Cincinnati Sportsmedicine's Sportsmetrics knee injury prevention program for female athletes, a subject for which he appeared on WFAN 660 Sports Radio as a guest on the topic with host Rick Wolff. William also enrolled All Star Education & Training as a NATA Athletic Trainer Continuing Education Provider. The E-book and web site have been under William's direction since the project began in 2005.

    "This website is the vision of what our organization believes is the ultimate website for a massage therapy school and student. We have taken the time to research learning styles, education trends, and feel this is a great complement to in-class learning for students of all ages, especially as the world of education becomes more technology oriented. I hope you like the work we have put into this and that it helps facilitate learning. We are excited to bring our vision to you so students have another effective learning tool to use to learn."