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    Overson L106 celebrates a triumph of good over evil (15 min version)


    by Mikeoverson

    THE END OF MY CLASSES and BLOG is best explained @ This L106 is told better at
    This is the 15 minute version of class L106, heres the description to the 66 minute version at Vimeo:
    I made the first part of this class as L105a on 8-31-2 by working on it 24 hours straight after I found out it was to save me from a murder attempt by the FBI and Hawaiian Properties. I made this class L106 on 9-3 and 9-8-12 for the same reason, to save me from the same murder attempt, (some motives behind it are @ 53 to 66 min). I added 40 minutes on 9-15-12, initially to boast of how I cleared this murder attempt without even worrying about it, (@ 1 to 4 min). But then it turned to anger at the people who should’ve been glad at an average person, (that’s me disabled and on welfare), defeating such a pure evil murder attempt but instead they’re calling me an “illegal alien” on earth who is refusing to submit to pure evil so I got a sign from God to let these pansies have it for not even hoping that good will triumph over evil, (@ 16 to 41 min). That also includes the price of mocking away divine signs, (and @ 41 to 53 min). This video L106 was just between me, the FBI and Hawaiian Properties (my landlord) but since it helps confirm my last videos, (L105a and L1c), and it better explains how evil the FBI is (like at the start of L1c) and Hawaiian Properties has been to me for six years in a row, (@ 5 to 12 minutes). Hence I show how unmerciful the snuff film is that they might die in as the #933 (@ 12 min) which means: (NLT) James 2:13 There will be no mercy for those who have not shown mercy to others.