Synth control with two graphic tablets : linux + tablet2osc + processing + beads

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par shanneton

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This is a short experimental demonstration of the use of two graphic tablets to control a synthetizer. The tablets are a Wacom Bamboo and a Wacom Bamboo 2FG finger touch. The first one controls the frequency (X axis) and the amplitude (stylus pressure) of the sound. The Y axis controls the cutoff frequency of a resonant low pass filter. The X and Y axis of the second tablet (Bamboo touch) controls the parameters of a comb filter. Oscillators and filters are produced by a "processing" sketch that use the cool "beads" sound synthesis library.

This is only a technical trial, not a musical performance ! So I want to apologize for the ugly sounds... I have to practice.
C'est juste une démonstration technique et non une interprétation musicale ! Donc toutes mes excuses pour avoir un petit peu blessé vos oreilles...

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