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Our Country - ( version originale française: Notre Pays)

il y a 5 ans177 views

Auteur de chanson : Saysamone Amphonesinh
Version originale chanson française : Notre Pays)
Cette chanson est reprise en Anglais par l'auteur
Les deux versions interprétées par Cécile Chabert.
et orchestrées par Olivier STRAUCH

Our Country

Now don't complain, my friend, you've acted blamelessly
I applaud your passion and admire your zeal
You've never betrayed your soul, sold it shamelessly
Exile isn't a choice; wandering's quite an ordeal

Chorus :

Your country, as well you know, I belong there too
I still share your joys and sorrows, yes I do
I still remember well, back before we grew old
Over rocks the stream still flows, sparkling and cold

Go back to your land if your heart says so
Return to your people if your heart lets you go
But promise me, at the first sign of ill health

That you'll come back to France for medical help
The young generation, let them travel the globe
Because for changing the world now, they're the new hope


Auteur de chanson: Saysamone Amphonesinh

Site des chansons: http://www.auteur-chansons.fr/
Site perso : http://www.amphonesinh.info/perso/index.php