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Palm Springs SEO - Search Engine Optimization Tutorial Part 1

5 years ago20 views


Full Transcript here:

What I am going to go over today is a little bit of basic SEO. I've had some clients recently and when I either talk to them on the phone or meet them in person, they've got some misconceptions about SEO. I wanted to cover what my approach is and my stance is on search engine optimization.

One of the things I had a client that I met with yesterday who had signed up with the company (I won't mention the company's name), what they do is they guarantee first page results on Google or you don't pay anything. They charge you a $600 setup fee and then they charge you $200 from then on out.

The guarantee with that, what they do, after talking to the client, is they actually ask for 50 keywords.

When you have 50 keywords to go after, the difficulty for getting all 50 of those keywords is insane. But to get just one of those keywords to #10, to get your website to #10 for just one of those keywords is enough to satisfy the terms of their guarantee and they don't have to refund you your money.

The other thing, and probably the more important thing, is that for whatever keywords you go after, unless they've got enough searches per month, you are not going to see any traffic from those.

Additionally, if you are not really in the Top 3 for a keyword that gets plenty of traffic, your site will not get any traffic either.

If you hire an SEO company and they get you to #6 or #7 that only gets 200 hits a month, you are likely to see little or no traffic to your website.

It's important to go after keywords that are targeted to your industry and targeted to your location. Here in Palm Springs and Palm Desert I like to tie keywords to the location, to Palm Springs or Palm Desert or La Quinta or wherever you are at.

All that being said as well, I want to discuss this a little bit.

Typically what I do is I try to go after 3 keywords. Three keywords allow you enough flexibility to rank well for a couple different keywords, which is nice. You don't know which of these three you are going to rank well for.