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    McKidd Discusses Special - Wii U Thoughts and Impressions


    by Mitch-McKidd87

    Here it is, the special McKidd Discusses where I get to voice my opinion on Nintendo's upcoming successor to the successful Nintendo Wii.

    After a Nintendo Direct conference of this console last week, I'm going to give out my thoughts, expectations and what I think of Nintendo's leap into the HD world with their latest console, The Wii U. Not only will I talk about the launch games which will be coming out alongside the console on November 30th, but I'll also be talking about the bundles, the console's gamepad and what my impressions of this console will be in the 2 months before this baby is unleashed to stores here in the UK and the rest of europe.

    Note: Everyone will be free to give out their opinions, as long as you respect mine. =)

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