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    World's Most Exclusive Diamond Showcase in Hong Kong


    by NTDTelevision

    At a show in Hong Kong today, Rio Tinto, a miner of rare metals and earth products, showcases precious Argyle Pink diamonds.

    Touted as the most exclusive show in the world, these diamonds make up less than half a percent of the diamond production worldwide. Most of these rare diamonds come from a single mine in Australia, making them a high-priced commodity.

    The Manager of Argyle Pink Diamonds says there is not enough to meet demand.

    [Jospehine Johnson, Argyle Pink Diamonds, Business Manager]:
    "We don't have enough diamonds to supply to the market. And I say that and I smile but it actually is our challenge. We have so few diamonds to sell globally, that we cannot satisfy the demand. And they will ask us for a 2 carat fancy vivid purplish pink and we have to wait for mother nature to provide us and we can't always guarantee each year that we'll have something quite like that."

    There are 56 pink diamonds showcased today, but the selection is not limited to pink alone. There are 19 blue diamonds, two red diamonds and of course some white diamonds.

    What makes these diamonds so special is their rarity, and that, says one shopper, is what people want.

    [Dylan Dix,Canadian Buyer]:
    "I think these diamonds are some of, again, the rarest diamonds in the world. It's the ultimate luxury; people are looking for something that's different. They have white diamonds perhaps, and now they want something that is absolutely unique, that no one else has."

    In 2010 a pink diamond was sold at an auction for US $46 million dollars, the most expensive pink diamond ever sold.