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    Tom Paulin - Sea Wind


    by poetictouch

    Tom Paulin reads his poem Sea Wind:

    This is a version of a famous poem by Mallarme called "Brise Marine"

    Sea Wind
    by Tom Paulin (1949-)

    It's a sad creature I'm afraid the body
    all the classics — every book that stands steady
    on my shelves I've read them through but only
    to make this wish — oh to walk to the edge of the sea
    and watch stints skittering along the tideline
    then scattering up and beyond into the sky!
    not a thing — not the gardens of mouldy chateaus
    wet and glaucous in her eyes —
    not a thing no one will stop me I've got to go
    down to the wild sea — I tell you not nights
    crossing blank pages under my desklamp
    - not that desert wild or the sigh
    of a dumpy girl breastfeeding her child
    will stop me booking a berth on some tramp
    steamer heaving its rust toward the tropics

    — I'll wave my snotrag from the deck sick
    of stroking my own boredom – by the saltstained smokestack
    let me dream of wind and wrecks!