Ssherlock 2010 [Unaired Pilot]

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he looks so young!
By Marina Rios July
Wow...I got here before all the (other) Cumberbitches? SHOCK & AWE. You think they'd be ALL over this one! I just can't say enough about Benedict Cumberbatch, everything he touches is absolutely golden. Can't recall when I've seen an actor with this much raw, innate talent. IMO, the actual series episode was much better, more fleshed out, of course, but this gives us a taste of the brilliance that was to be unleashed on an unsuspecting public. My own observation tells me that his hair suddenly grew longer a bit more than half way through the pilot, leading me to think quite that some time passed between shooting the beginning and the end of this version. Everything about Sherlock is brilliant: the writing, the acting, the sets and locations, the hidden gems and bits of quirk thrown in. The sheer anticipation of each upcoming new season is all but unbearable; I hope I can hold out until Season 4! A toast to Benedict's Sherlock: may he live forevermore! THANK YOU for this video!