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    MW2 Wasteland Search & Destroy, no Snipers (Part 2) | Modern Warfare 2


    by NextGenTactics

    Just a regular, open-lobby, live-com game of Search & Destroy in Modern Warfare 2 on Wasteland: with NO SNIPERS ALLOWED! MW3 Search Tactics coming tomorrow! It would have been today but I have a cold right now...if my voice isn't better by tonight or tomorrow I'm going to record my commentary anyway. Also, I will be continuing with the Claymore videos and ANOTHER series of MW3 videos IN ADDITION to more regular BF3 videos!

    And honestly guys...if you want to bitch about me complaining when I die, go right ahead. Playing Search you only have 1 life per round and ya, I get pissed when I get killed and I voice doesn't mean I'm a sore loser. Not really a big deal but you all can make it into one if you so choose, I suppose. And I reserve the right to make fun of Harris after he blew me up in Minecraft!

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