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    Volcom's VQS Goldfish Surf Series - Pismo Pier


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    The Goldfish Surf Series went nuts this weekend at Pismo Pier! After canceling the previous weekend due to severe stormy weather we rolled the dice and ran the event on the following weekend, and man did it pay-off. We pulled up the pier in the morning to zero winds and solid waist to head high waves. Once the tent city was erected and the over anxious groms were signed up, we kicked this thing with a bang. For photos and full recap go to,


    1. Kilian Garland - $500.00
    2. Bobby Morris
    3. Rick Gannon
    4. Eric Soderquist
    5. Walt Cerney
    6. Troy Rettig

    1. Charlie Fawcett - $250.00 Muscle Milk
    2. Vinny Leonelli
    3. Shuji Nishi
    4. Dimitri Papa
    5. Souyhiro Yuki
    6. Spencer Smith

    1. Kairi Noro - $100.00
    2. Jonah Perez
    3. Carlos Carpenter
    4. Branson Wheeler
    5. Eric Ronine
    6. Noah Neva

    1. Ashley Held
    2. Keenan Reeser
    3. Melissa Boyd
    4. Sierra Emerick
    5. Mekella Aksne
    6. Riley Cabenero

    1. Wyatt Walter
    2. Fisher Baxter
    3. Burkley Eggers
    4. Tony McKern
    5. Zane Booth
    6. Sabastion Mendez

    Electric Volt Thrower
    Kilian Garland - $100.00

    Music Provided by:
    Goons of Doom
    "Billie Lee"
    I Hate my Hair and Want to Die