Tickling The Mind No.2 by Mel Mellers (DVD) - Magic Trick

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Tickling The Mind 2
by Mel Mellers

Are you short of new ideas and presentational concepts for your magic Well theyre finally here in this brand new must-have DVD for all magicians
Welcome to the Mel Meller Project a mammoth 2 DVD set that takes you into the world of one of Europes leading corporate cabaret magicians.
With great magic and hilarious comedy Mel presents 16 (yes thats right - 16) routines complete with presentational ploys and gags that you will use There is simply no filler on these DVDs.
Contents Include
The Mel Mellers Cards Across - Mels hilarious take on this classic trick. POWERFUL MAGIC AND OH SO SIMPLE TO DO. Probably the easiest version ever Holiday Destination - A superb piece in which the magician correctly guesses exactly where three audience members would like to go on holiday. Make this up for only a few pennies and have a routine that plays big in every way. House Number Prediction - A comedy mind-reading piece that plays big and packs lots of laughs. Using just a pen and pad you correctly guess a spectators home number Seeing With the Fingertips - A brilliant presentation of the Blindfold Routine complete with gags and hits of business. A presentation that will have your audience talking long after the show Attracting A Crowd - Mels unique plot and complete routine for The Misers Dream. Meet Me In Your Dreams - Mels original plot for a standard prop. Throw away your presentation for The Invisible Deck and get a BIGGER and BETTER reaction than ever before. Finally a logical presentation with an incredibly strong finish. Breaking the Law - A rope and hoop routine that will not only amaze but also have them laughing out loud. Brilliant thinking Thinking On Your Feet - A truly great routine for the Story Deck plot. Written by Mel complete with all the gags and subtleties. Worth the price of the DVDs to any working magician.
Running Time Approximately 1hr 45min