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    Ascension by Nick Langham and Alakazam (With Props) (DVD) - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    by Nick Langham and Alakazam
    A major breakthrough of a classic effect that will go straight into your repertoire
    Walk up to someone with two decks of cards. They choose one and deal through the cards to select any one they want. Keep in mind that you are totally hands off at this point.
    They take a look at their card and just concentrate on the value of it. Now slowly and eerily a single solitary card begins to emerge from the second deck forcing its way out of the deck and into view. As the face of the card comes slowly into view the audience can see that it is the exact same card that they are thinking of
    Ascension is carefully hand made to be both durable and reliable out of Bicycle stock playing cards.
    - Totally self working and self contained Instant reset Ultra small gimmick can be added to your regular deck quickly and easily
    Ascension comes ready to go with the two decks and instructional DVD containing bonus ideas amp handlings
    This is one effect that you will be performing
    Presented by Alakazam Magic
    Running Time Approximately 20min