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    Mastering Hypnotic Power (2 DVD Set) by Richard Nongard - Magic Trick

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    Mastering Hypnotic Power (2 DVD Set)
    by Richard Nongard
    A comprehensive resource for those planning to master Stage Street or Clinical Hypnosis This two-DVD educational set teaches the skills necessary for you to present powerful demonstrations of hypnotic phenomena with both clients and casual observers and includes clips of Richard explaining and performing these skills live with real people. Richard Nongard is a master of street hypnosis.
    If you are a stage hypnotist magician or mentalist looking for impressive ways to WOW your guests this DVD is for you. If you are a clinical hypnotist seeking strategies to give your clients what they really want and improve efficacy this DVD is for you. These DVDs will teach you The exact wording necessary for deep hypnotic induction The famous handshake hypnosis induction for rapid trance How to construct a no-fail pre-talk for stage or individual hypnosis How to produce hypnotic phenomena that will WOW observers How to produce hypnotic amnesia catalepsy and theta-deep trance How to master hypnotic language patters for amazing results How to do real magic using people as props A discussion of legal ethical and training considerationsTotal Running Time Approximately 3hrs