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    Shh... The Sneaky Handwriting Handbook Vol.1 (2 DVD Set) - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    Shh... The Sneaky Handwriting Handbook 1 (2 DVD Set)
    All you need to know about the SWAMI is on this 2 Disc DVD set.
    DVD 1 - Performances explanations tips
    A sample of what you will learn
    Make a spectator think they have ESP Getting started and ditching your NW Practice tips to get you up to speed quickly. What to do when someone says SHOW ME FIRST How to personalize for maximum effect The invisible display What to write on Special Wallet and Envelope work How to generate more gigs with Shh... DVD 2 - Learn even more from
    Andy Nyman
    Get the most out of your mentalism Connect with your audience Strengthen your persona And more... Greg Arce
    How to create a higher level of realism Be wrong and look right Special NW routines And more... Jon Stetson
    How to get the most out of pre-show work Improve the real you Peeking tips And more... Francis Menotti
    Non-mentalism use for the SWAMI Develop your own personal style Bring out your creativity And more...Lincoln produces one of the finest boon style writers ever. Now he has produced a DVD to match with plenty of ideas and discussions with some of his very creative friends on the subject of mentalism. If you are a mentalist and dont do nailwriting now--you should and starting with Lincolns excellent boonwriter and this DVD is a great place to be. If you use nailwriting you should definitely check both out
    -Allen Zingg Mentalist and Creator of Allen Zinggs Master Course in Billets (four volume DVD set)
    I have always been a fan of Lincolns Best Boon writer. It really is the best I have ever seen. Lincoln knows the importance of making a personal connection with spectators and the routine by Greg Arce alone is worth the price.
    - Kenton Knepper
    I can recommend Shh... The Sneaky Handwriting Handbook vol.1 without reservation. And this is true whether or not you have or ever plan to use a NW as Ill explain in a moment.
    Lincoln tak