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    Grandfather Fights Alligator and Saves Dog

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    Grandfather Fights Alligator and Saves Dog - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    Dogs and men really do seem to have an incomparable bond.

    A Florida grandfather, 66-year-old Steve Gustafson saved his West Highland Terrier’s life in a drastic rescue.

    Steve had been trimming a tree near his home, while his dog, named Bounce played by the water. Unfortunately a gator was also lurking in the pond and grabbed Bounce by the collar, swimming off with him.

    Steve hurried and jumped straight into the pond, landing on the alligator’s back. He pushed the 130-pound reptile’s head downwards, while shoving it hard and Bounce was soon freed from the alligator’s jaws.

    An official for Florida Fish and Wildlife trapped the hungry alligator and it was soon killed. Steve states “When people ask about my reaction — I didn't have a choice. If I hesitated I would have lost my best friend.”

    Last year, another Florida man battled an alligator to get his dog back.

    72-year-old Gary Murphy rushed to the backyard and saw his terrier, named Doogie in a gator’s mouth. Murphy quickly jumped on its back and hit it on the head; a move that saved the dog’s life.