Rabbits Dying Off for Unknown Reasons in St. Louis

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Rabbits Dying Off for Unknown Reasons in St. Louis - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

Rabbits are a common sight in many backyards across the country.

However, residents from a neighborhood in St. Louis have spent the past three weeks wondering what happened to all of the bunnies that would usually frequent the area. Some people have found dead bodies in their yards.

One resident states “I’ve lived here about sixteen years. Usually see rabbits all over the neighborhood and now, for some reason, they’re just showing up dead.”

While some speculate that West Nile Virus may have caused the deaths, Missouri’s Department of Conservation doesn’t think so. An official claimed that a human was probably the culprit, but they would like to test one of the deceased rabbits to determine the exact cause of death.

Earlier this year, residents in Millville, New Jersey witnessed bizarre deaths of many birds. They watched as dozens of small black birds with red-tipped wings fell from the sky for approximately 60 minutes. A local witness stated "They'd get up and try and fly and they were out of control so they'd crash and fall again.”

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Come to Colorado... they are taking over.
By sranelson Last year