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    ‪My Struggle For Justice Fighting Against Abuses Committed By CPS‬‏


    by AntiCPSMom

    This video was made over a year ago when I still had a husband (my husband abandoned me on September 14th 2012- Mr. Henry your trips to New York are in vain, as well as your agency buddies' meticulous plotting because I'm not moving there).

    Video URL of I inquiring from the woman who gave my husband a room so that he could abandon me:

    The video mostly deals with the events of March 9th 2011 when I and my husband tried to go to our sons' daycare but were not successful.
    Our car mysteriously broke down in November 2010 and was in that state until April of 2011 (something all of a sudden happened to the motor). I sincerely believe that it was clandestine sabotage done by Ana's thug buddies, because Ana had had the original key to my husband's car in her possession while we were in Spain, and it is absolutely ridiculous to think that she would never have thought of making a copy of those keys!! Ever since my husband picked up the car at her house in the summer of 2009 weird things have been happening to that car. The sabotage would have been done to both make our lives hell and to keep us poor. I was working on a Refutation Report refuting false diagnoses placed on my sons, so obviously the temporary loss of our car made it hard for me to go to libraries and work on the report that can be seen at this URL:

    That is why we had to go on foot and also use public transportation on March 9th 2011.
    It must be admitted that ever since crazy Ana called all these stupid agencies on us the things which have occurred to us are SOOOO weird that they surpass movie material!!!
    The lack of due process which I had gone to the courthouse to complain about on January 10th 2011 is related to this letter that had been sent before that: