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    Exclaim! TV: Kevin Drew and Chris Murphy - The Final Round


    by ExclaimTV

    Broken Social Scene's Kevin Drew and Sloan's Chris Murphy finally conclude their epic chat with some personal revelations: when Sloan pretended to be Tool, countered by the time the Social Scene were confronted with both Cliff Clavin (John Ratzenberger) and Al Pacino in the same place. Is that weirder than a party with Meatloaf, Liza Minelli and Joey Ramone? You'll have to watch part four of this interview below to find out.

    There you'll also find such delights as the mutual admiration their moms have for each other's children, and in conclusion, the oddest and least likely Bob Seger sing-along in CanRock history.

    Watch the first three parts of this interview below:

    Part One:

    Part Two:

    Part Three: