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    Paper-Clipped by Jay Sankey (DVD) - Magic Trick

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    by Jay Sankey
    The performer removes a paper clipped amp folded card from his pocket and leaves it in full view on the table. A card is then FREELY selected SIGNED and RETURNED TO THE PACK. And yet when the performer unclips the folded card and slowly unfolds it... it is found to be the singed card. A truly mind-blowing impossibility
    Heres what magicians are saying about Paper-Clipped
    An astonishing trick I perform it every night of the week
    - Chad Long
    A miracle strong enough to inspire a religion.
    - David Acer
    One of my favorite effects. A modern classic.
    - Joshua Jay
    You can almost see the spectators brain snap.
    - Richard Sanders
    Paper-Clipped would make a statue gasp
    - Jason Maloney
    Delivers the highest impact possible in any magic effect.
    - Allan Nacken
    A killer effect with instant reset. Definitely for real workers.
    - Marc Paul
    What all close-up magic should be like.
    - David Peck
    In 1990 Jay published a card trick entitled in his book 100 SANKEY. Since then the routine has gained an ever growing popularity and worldwide reputation especially among real workers. This is the one trick of Jays almost every professional magician uses.
    Now for the very first time Jays astonishing card in paperclip is fully explained along with his killer Bank Night Mental Photography Card in Egg and Torn amp Restored Business Card routines. Presentational suggestions psychological fine points and the all-important touches are fully covered. This unique DVD also includes Jays tips on using the switch with bills matchbooks nail writers cocktail napkins and much more
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