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    Catapult (2 DVD set) by Brian Platt - Magic Trick

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    Catapult (2 DVD set)
    by Brian Platt
    CATAPULT An exploration of strikes pitches sleeves and 1 and a half calorie mints.
    The Dime thru Tic Tac Box effects look amazing. Like real magic A brilliant combination of principles
    -David Roth
    The fanning pitch is an absolutely fantastic motion. Im very very impressed
    -Mickey Silver
    BACK BASIC CATAPULT VANISH AND VARIATIONS. The basic building block. Explained CATAPULT COIN COLOR CHANGE (SAWA) A simple brilliant clean coin color change. SNAP VANISH/CHANGE Coin sits in right hand. Snap your left hand fingers and its gone. WSSV MOVE The Williamson Striking Vanish. Only BOTH hands are immediately clean. DIME PUSHED THRU BACK OF TIC-TAC BOX- Push a signed dime right through the back of a Tic Tac Box. DIME THROWN THRU FRONT OF TIC TAC BOX- Throw a signed dime right through the front of a Tic Tac Box. Youve never seen anything like this. Many other squeaky clean versions of Dime thru Tic Tac Box demonstrated and explained INSIDE OUT - A freely chosen and signed playing card is folded into quarters and paperclipped. With apparently no moves it turns inside out. Then inside out again. TampR SIGNED BORROWED BUSINESS CARD THEORY ON BUSINESS CARDS- THE ULTIMATE WEAPON. BUSINESS CARD COIN VANISH/CHANGE Wave a business card over a quarter. It changes to a dime. Youre clean. JELLY BELLIED Three jelly beans sit in your closed hand. Spectator calls out one of them (free choice). Open your hand and the called out jelly bean has vanished completely. Everything including your hands can be examined. ABSORPTION- THE OJ SIMPSON DIME IN EQUAL PACKET- A ruthlessly ambitious and ridiculously clean take on this classic plot. Try not to look guilty. LINKING CLIPS /LIFESAVERS- Two paperclips linked together in the cleanest of manners. Platt then goes on to do the same effect with Lifesavers. CHUCK WOOLERY COINS ACROSS Two quarters in the right hand. Two quarters in lef