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    Nobody convicted of Blasphemy in Pakistan in 27 years of the law- Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri

    Shahid Kazmi

    by Shahid Kazmi

    Clarification of the view of Shaykh ul Islam on the law of blasphemy & false propaganda against him.
    ** Substantive Law **
    * Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri: *
    Provided proofs and arguments in favor of saving 295 (c) substantive law of capital punishment when few people tried to get it removed at the time of General Zia. This is being referred to in the video which was the reply on Governor Salman Taseer murder case:
    Clip 1:

    * Note: *
    Some People are trying to portray that there is contradiction in these 2 clips, but infect there isn’t. It must be kept in mind that Dr Qadri was not consulted or called by Gen. Zia, but rather he went to the supreme court to get the law enforced with individual effort by giving arguments in court and the court was only concerned with the substantive aspect (whether it should be practiced or not) & not the procedural aspect.
    Clip 2: