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    Follow The Sky


    by donelliott357

    Follow the sky - Written and performed and Video by: Maizy Dayze aka me lol.
    I was asked to write some music for, ( MrDonelliott357,donelliott357' WeatherStorage ) and since it was the first time I have been asked to write and compose for someone else, I relished in the challenge. It was never going to be easy composing music of another persons choosing, but after viewing some awesome videos of his, and also inspired by the elements of the weather, I was able to finally piece together what I had hoped was what he was after, and to write lyrics that also reflected his passion and beliefs. I was very pleased that he was happy with what I came up with, musically and lyrically, and look forward to producing more music for him in the future, as well as anyone else who is in need of their own music, so they don't have to deal with copyright issues, as most of us are sick to death of that on here. Thanks again Don for trusting me to do this. Please check out Don's videos, where you can also find the instrumental version of the song as well as the vocal version, and many other wonderfully produced videos. This video I made, is what helped me to write Follow the sky. Enjoy
    Link to my channel:

    Awarded Creative Art Award 9-20-12