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    Chinese Boats Enter Waters Near Disputed Islands


    by NTDTelevision

    Japanese media reported today that 11 Chinese boats entered waters close to the Daioyu islands, also known as the Senkaku islands in Japan.

    The ships were a mix of ocean surveillance and fishery patrol ships that had come to assert Chinese ownership. Japan recently purchased the islands from its private owner, sparking mass protests in China.

    When the Japanese coastguard sent a message telling the boats to leave Japanese waters, the vessels replied that they were in their own waters.

    The boats left in the evening with no further conflict.

    Chinese media reported on Monday some thousand Chinese fishing vessels were set to converge in the water near the disputed islands. Japanese media has reported no sightings of so many fishing boats, but remains on the alert.

    Chief Cabinet secretary Osamu Fujimura denied rumors that Japanese self-defense forces would be sent to the islands.

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