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    Suu Kyi - Daisy Chain The Portraits

    Vitruvius Technologos

    by Vitruvius Technologos

    Suu Kyi - Daisy Chain The Portraits "There will be change because all the military have are guns." Aung San Suu Kyi This is the chain a nation long Circling 50 million strongAnd round again This is the day the last one stands Puts down a gun And the final hands close the chain

    In a topsy-turvy world
    You harm the weak
    And you hold the power
    The dealers sell the truth
    And like the walls
    Are quickly named "Insein"
    And never seen again

    On a dusty avenue
    The shadow army with its rifles trained
    On a crowd that swells in spite
    Here to see a sight
    They know could cost their lives
    No more afraid to die

    This is the chain...