In da Crisis: Greek hip hop of sold-out generation

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As talks continue to try to find a resolution to the euro zone crisis, RT has found a group of people who are cutting through the political rhetoric and telling it how it really is -- Greek hip hop artists, "Soul System." There will be no finance ministers' meeting before the leaders' summit in Brussels -- a sign that there are doubts that that EU leaders will be able to come up with a rescue package on their own. While hopes for a political way out of the crisis are fading, "Soul System" are finding inspiration elsewhere. Their political rap lyrics have been striking a chord with the Greek people. "We play at the protests and in the squares. The situation in Greece is really tough -- everything has reversed from what we used to know a few years ago.We say with our own lyrics how we perceive things that are happening in our society," says one of the musicians. Whilst performing in unison may come naturally to the group, euro zone leaders have increasingly been failing to sing from the same hymn sheet.

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