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    by annahusband2

    83 views What's the Scoop is a result of my commitment to my pets. My Dad's final advice was to follow my heart instead of a paycheck. I gave up the familiar job of corporate accounting and a business was born.

    The poop scoop business started when an elderly friend with 4 dogs became unable to clean her yard. I hired a scooper near her and the rest is history. My friend could enjoy her yard again & most important, she was able to keep her dogs. I have 6 dogs. I KNOW how much poop can accumulate if not cleaned up regularily.

    I started pet sitting for dogs we met at the dog park. Soon Iwas sitting for many dogs. I is fussy about who looks after my pets and home. I treat your furry family and home as I want mine treated.

    We believe our services can help keep families and their pets together. Hiring a poop scooper for our elderly friend allowed her to keep her dogs. We offer discunts for seniors. See other discounts on the home page.

    The Black Pack Poop Scooping Trainers and Nemo are all rescues.

    Serving Gastonia, Belmont, Lowell, Mt. Holly, West & North Charlotte, Mt. Island Lake, Dallas, Pineville, Mathews, Mint Hill, Dilworth, South Park, Uptown, Plaza Midwood. Myers Park, Cotswold, Ballantyne

    (704) 685-2257