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    Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Episode 28 "A Dragon Caged"

    Shinyu Kazuma

    by Shinyu Kazuma

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    Trent and his friends hack the No-Men's Database obtaining Kit's location and Maya goes to find him. Michelle begins to question Kit about the Kamen Riders, Xaviax and Ventara. Trent and Lacey later find Len and Kase letting them know where Kit is. Maya arrives at the No-Men's Headquarters while Xaviax and JTC begin looking for Kit themselves. After Len and Kase arrive, Kit manages to escape using a cup of water he spills on the floor. While Kit fights a mirror monster, Len, Kase and Maya try to escape the No-Men themselves and succeed. Xaviax and JTC then attack Kit, injuring his leg, before Len and Kase arrive to save him. At night they all meet in the bookstore while Kase heals Kit injured leg.