Egor and Opizdenevshiye - There was a war - Come and See (LSd video)

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Last-Studio (LSd)
video edited: 18.09.2012

video material:
movie: Elem Klimov - "Come and See" ("Idi i smotri", 1985)

music: Egor and Opizdenevshiye - "Psychedelia Tomorrow" (1993)
song: 14. Шла война ("There was a war")

Egor and Opizdenevshiye was a Russian psychedelic rock band. The leader of the band was Egor Letov (Russian: Егор Летов). The project appeared in 1990 after Letov’s main group Grazhdanskaya Oborona (Russian: Гражданская Оборона) was disbanded for a while. The reason for taking a new name was the necessity to cut off all the associations with the name of the former band. Letov, who considered rock and roll more of a religious movement than a genre of music, was afraid of becoming commercialized and therefore specifically adopted a name that could never be allowed by Russian censors, thereby making radio airplay or advertising impossible (connotatively, the word “Opizdenevshiye” means something like “the Fuckups” in Russian; the root is the word “pizda” or “cunt”).

The first album Pryg-Skok has been recorded in May - July 1990, and Sto Let Odinotchestva - in Jan - July 1992. Last release - Psychedelia Tomorrow (1993). Members: Konstantin Rjabinov, Igor Zhevtun, Alexander Rozhkov, Julia Sherstobitova, Anna Volkova.