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    Expert Cigarette Magic Made Easy - Vol.1 by Tom Mullica (DVD) - Magic Trick

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    Expert Cigarette Magic Made Easy - Vol.1
    by Tom Mullica
    Note Vol.12 refers to VHS release
    Cigarette Magic for the non-smoker and plenty for those that do
    In most of our collective lifetimes there has only been one man and one act who over and over again fooled the bejeesus out of magicians and laymen alike Of course I am talking about Tom Mullica and his cigarette-eating act. Toms act is so magical and so unique it has never been duplicated. All of us at one time or another have uttered the now-familiar refrain Where in the heck did those cigarette go And we were fooled over and over again.
    Murphys Magic Supplies Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Tom Mullicas Expert Cigarette Magic...Made Easy on three DVDs (Available separately or as 3-DVD set). This remarkable collection contains basic to advanced magic with cigarettes matches cigars and anything else related to smoking. Of course the topper is that on Vol. 3 he finally tips The Cigarette Eating Act answering that age-old question Where in the heck did those cigarettes go As a bonus Vol. 2 also contains Toms F.I.S.M. act and Vol. 3 also contains a performance of Toms world-famous stage act
    Vol.1 - Cigarette Magic
    Basic Sleights amp Theory Distant Light Swivel Vanish Lorayne Vanish Cigarette On Forehead Cigarette Gymnastics 4-Cig Production Pantomime Cig 1 Double-Ended Cig Cig Vanish In Hank 1 Cig Vanish In Hank 2 Cigarette Sneeze Vegas Carpet Little Butt Rising Cigarette L.L. Move Cigarette Up Nose Blown Away Cigarette Dropper Smoke Ring Tonguing Running Time Approximately 1hr 28min